An project

Data Management Middleware Design

  • K.-T. Lim
  • G. Dubois-Felsmann
  • M. Johnson
  • M. Juric
  • D. Petravick


The LSST middleware is designed to isolate scientific application pipelines and payloads, including the Alert Production, Data Release Production, Calibration Products Productions, and science user pipelines executed within the LSST Science Platform, from details of the underlying hardware and system software. It enables flexible reuse of the same code in multiple environments ranging from offline laptops to shared-memory multiprocessors to grid-accessed clusters, with a common I/O and logging model. It ensures that key scientific and deployment parameters controlling execution can be easily modified without changing code but also with full provenance to understand what environment and parameters were used to produce any dataset. It provides flexible, high-performance, low-overhead persistence and retrieval of datasets with data repositories and formats selected by external parameters rather than hard-coding. Middleware services enable efficient, managed replication of data over both wide area networks and local area networks.